Remove competitive sites from Google

Recently James Breckenridge found a bug in Google Webmasters tools that could allow anyone to remove competitive sites from the google search index. It was fixed by google in just 7 hours after it was reported. This timing is really fast, but still the ones who have managed to take advantage gained a huge SEO boost in front of their competitors.

The bug was accidently found by Breckenridge while he was busy to remove links of his sites indexed by google. This functionality is accessible in the google webmasters tools and it is quite useful. He even used a chrome extension of his own. But on a few links he accidently clicked on other sites, not owned by him and they were submitted for exclussions. When he investigated the case deeper, he found that you didn`t need the credentials in order to remove the competitive sites from the google index. He reported about this issue on his blog with the idea to inform google about it and the goal was achieved. You can read the full story and the scenario from James Breckenridge blog. Now when everything is fixed you can continue on creating / publishing valuable content and don`t expect that such hacktricks will boost you to the top as they occure once in a ten years.